At White Spindle, we believe we can make a difference

Sustainable Practices

Each one of our factories have been certified by OEKO-TEX 100 -- an independent certification system which guarantees that our textiles are made according to the highest safety and environmental standards. We have over 60 windmills generating clean energy, efficiently. Our commitment to efficient use of energy and minimal waste is good for our community.


Our desire to instill opportunities for everyone around us is at the core of what we do. More than 1800 farmers and factory workers are employed at White Spindle factories, and over 65% of them are women. We offer free training and educational courses for our employees, fostering a culture of support and personal growth.

Fair Pricing

We made the supply chain more efficient by cutting out the warehouses, distributors, and retailers. Without these unnecessary costs we can can offer luxury, organic bedding and bath essentials at a fair price to you.