About White Spindle Medical Supplies

Radically Transparent

White Spindle Medical Supplies provides superior professional service and quality medical supplies to our patients in effort to effectively manage their disease state and increase their quality of life. We believe in developing mutually rewarding relationships with its patients, employees, business partners, and suppliers, and conduct its business with the highest ethical and professional standards.


White Spindle is America’s primary choice for home delivery of quality medical supplies. We have 4 locations. We take great pride in our industry leading Customer Satisfaction rating of 98% and Net Promoter Score of 89.

Why Are We Different?

Authentic products

Our supplies are made in FDA and CE certified ethically responsible factories.


Eco Friendly

Our eco-friendly production uses natrual inputs void of any harmful chemicals.

Direct to Your Door

Within hours of your door, our supplies are packaged and on the way to your doorstep.

Simply Everlasting

Our products last for three years. We offer a full money back guarantee if you are not happy!